Covid-19 cases in Barton are rising quickly!


Covid-19 cases in Barton are rising quickly!

Dear Patient

Covid-19 cases in Barton are rising quickly and according to the latest Public Health Data we have above average cases within our area.  We would encourage you to continue following Government guidance on social distancing, handwashing and face coverings.  Thank you for your continued efforts in keeping each other safe. 

News from the Surgery – November 2020

The coronavirus pandemic (2): This is not the latest sci-fi or horror block buster for the big screen, but an all too real reality show that we wish was not happening. Disaster movies are best kept that way…as movies. The reality of the coronavirus pandemic is one reality show too far, but we cannot but face it and work to get through it, to come out on the other side, into some form of brighter, more normal, happier way of living. And we will get there, but we all need to continue the mantra of wash hands, wear masks, make space. We must redouble our efforts because the predicted second wave is here. Here in Staffordshire, and here in Barton. Not some faraway place. The first pandemic wave was followed by a lull in cases, but in the last month there has been a rapid increase in the number of our patients testing positive for coronavirus. Whilst we may lag behind some other parts of the country in numbers of cases, at the current rate of increase we shall be in the same desperate situation very soon. Let us all work together to prevent it from happening.

The flu campaign: we are glad to report thatthis year’s uptake of the influenza vaccine has been higher than in previous years. Most people in the ‘at risk’ groups have now been vaccinated, although we recognise that some people have not. There has been a shortage of vaccines nationally, but we are glad to say that we have been promised further supplies and expect to receive them soon. Can anyone aged 65 years and above, or in the usual ‘at risk’ groups and others such as carers, who would like to have the flu vaccine please contact the surgery reception to be put on the list. Remember also that the Government has promised us vaccines for everyone over 50 years old in November. We shall publicise this as soon as we start receiving the vaccines for over 50’s. The most important reason to have the flu vaccine this year is that Covid-19 infection is more severe if the person also has flu at the same time.

Half day closing for training: most of you will know that GP surgeries across the country shut for training and development one afternoon a month. This works out at 10 times a year. During the hours we are closed the usual urgent care (out of hours) provider looks after any urgent problems that people may have. Call 111 if you need advice during the half day closure.

How do I get a coronavirus test? To request a coronavirus test at a test site or to get a home test kit, visit or call 119.

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