Important information regarding Covid-19 vaccination centres


Important information regarding Covid-19 vaccination centres

On Monday 11 January, the first seven vaccination centres became operational as the next step in rolling out the COVID-19 vaccinations.  Initially, there will be one centre in each region, with more centres opening over the course of the month.

These centres are the important third strand of the NHS Covid-19 vaccination plan, sitting alongside local hospital hubs and Local Vaccination Services, led by groups of GP practices, both of which will continue to grow in number as the supplies of vaccine available to the NHS continues to grow. In Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent, we are hopeful that by mid-January all our priority at risk residents will have access to a local vaccination site. We are working towards the national target for the most at risk patients to be vaccinated by mid-February.

The larger centres within a driving distance to some residents in Staffordshire are:

  • Etihad Tennis Club in Manchester (North West)
  • Millennium Point in Birmingham (Midlands)

Initially, people aged 80 and over who live within 30 to 45 minutes of a Vaccination Centre, and who haven’t already been vaccinated by their local GP led vaccination services or hospital hub, will be the first people to receive letters to book their appointments. Vaccination Centres will also work directly with local health and care employers to directly book staff into appointments. 

The national NHS Covid-19 Vaccination Booking Service went live in advance of booking letters starting to arrive from Saturday 09 January.  The NHS service will send out letters for eligible people to book their vaccine appointment. The details for how to book are included in these letters.

Please do not contact us if you haven’t received an invite yet. We are very busy at the moment and doing so could prevent a patient who needs our help from getting through. We will contact you when it is the right time for you to book your appointment.

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