New Patient Registration

Please come to the surgery during the hours of 8.00am to 5.00pm Monday to Friday and one of our reception staff will provide you with the necessary forms to complete.  If you do have your NHS Number please bring this along with you and a record of any medication you are currently taking. Patients are welcome to join our Practice if they live in our inner catchment area.


We do have an inner and outer boundary so patients who move from our inner boundary to the outer boundary can stay registered with the practice for continuity of care.  However, new patients can not join the practice is they move into the out boundary area, it is only patients who move into our inner boundary as new patients that can register with the practice. If you are in doubt please contact the surgery and we can check for you 01283 249923.

New Patient Consultations

As part of your registration process, you will be invited to provide medical history information in the form of a questionnare that will help us to treat you prior to obtaining your full medical records from your previous GP. If you have any long term medical conditions please book an appointment around 6 weeks after your initial registration so the GP can plan your future healthcare needs.

You will also be asked to complete information with regards to smoking and alcohol consumption which will assist us in treating you.