Patient Rights

Our patients have the right to expect to be treated in a polite and professional manner. You will have the right to consult a health care professional of your choice. We expect our patients in turn to be polite and courteous to our staff. If you are unable to attend for your booked appointment please tell us, we can offer these appointments to other patients at relatively short notice. We thank you for your cooperation.

Violence Statement

Violent or abusive behaviour towards any of the GP’s, their staff or other persons on the practice premises will not be tolerated under any circumstances. Such instances will result in the offender being informed to register at an alternative practice.

The NHS is under a great deal of change and under great organisational and financial pressures at this time and the team are working very hard to provide a comprehensive range of NHS Services. Barton Family Practice aims to offer an excellent service to all of our 7,100 Patients.

We aim to deliver care with dignity and respect to all 7,100 patients and we ask that our patients work co-operatively with our Practice and treat our Staff, GPs & Nursing Team with consideration and respect.

Sadly at times this is not happening as some patients have been increasingly rude and aggressive in their manner to members of our Practice Team. Such behaviour cannot be tolerated and patients may be given the option to leave the Practice and register elsewhere for their NHS care.

Please remember each one of our 7,100 patients who we deliver care to is important to us and so are our staff; without the good staff we have working for us we cannot deliver the care to you. Please help us to help you