Are you a carer?


Are you a carer?

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Are you caring at home for a dependant relative, partner, child or friend who needs your support due to illness or disability?  If so, you are a carer.  It is important that your doctor knows you are a carer. Please also be aware that there is good support available:

STAFFORDSHIRE CARES:  Please see both the useful links below, which can offer lots of helpful advice and assistance:

Another useful site is:

Welcome to the Staffordshire Marketplace

The Staffordshire Marketplace is an online directory of local care, support and wellbeing services, activities and events across Staffordshire aimed at the whole family.

Launched by Staffordshire County Council the Staffordshire Marketplace makes it easier for people to find and access support and wellbeing services from hundreds of organisations, all in one place. With just a few clicks of a button, you can browse, compare, book and buy activities.

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