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Know you numbers

Do you know your risks of high blood pressure numbers?

High blood pressure usually has no symptoms. The only way to know you have it is to have a blood pressure check.

The facts

  • High blood pressure contributes to half of all heart attacks in the UK
  • High blood pressure is the biggest cause of chronic kidney disease
  • Those with high blood pressure are three times more likely to develop heart disease
  • High blood pressure causes 60% of preventable strokes in the UK
  • High blood pressure increases the risk of vascular dementia

You can get your blood pressure checked at a number of places.

  • Some pharmacies
  • Your GP Practice (some practices even have a device in reception available to use)
  • Some workplaces
  • At home – you can now buy blood pressure monitors to use at home

If you are worried about your blood pressure, book your appointment at your practice.

You can find out more information about ‘Know Your Number’ week at their website.